About Us

Our own Alana was lost in a tragic car accident on April 11, 1998. Alana's mother, Denice, and big sister, Haley, who were also in the accident run this charity (along with many other close family and friends) in Alana's loving memory. The compassion and skill of the EMT's, police officers, firefighters, and CareFlight personnel who aided Alana, Denice, and Haley that day will never be forgotten.

Our Mission

The mission of Alana's Gift is to supply first responders with small stuffed animals to give to children during response calls. Our hope is that these small pieces of comfort will ease stressful and traumatic situations as well as foster positive relationships between fire, EMT, and police personnel and the public they so selflessly serve. Through our community's donations, we hope to wrap these sweet kiddos in love and healing no matter what situation they may face.
Help Us Achieve Our Goal